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      About Us / Technology

      Navisphere? - One Powerful Ecosystem Connecting the World’s Supply Chains

      The rapid advancement of technology is transforming the way in which we live and do business. Supply chains are no exception. As your supply chain grows in both size and complexity, you need the best transportation management technology to gain a competitive advantage and exceed your customer expectations. That’s why we are invested in delivering and implementing flexible, efficient, and integrated technology solutions that connect all aspects of your supply chain.

      Our Technology Brings It All Together

      The Navisphere suite of tools are highly specialized to help you meet your businesses’ needs, including:


      Gain end to end shipment visibility and reporting across any region or mode with our single instance global technology platform. Access powerful capabilities available at your fingertips 24/7 including tracking and tracing, viewing and printing documents, requesting quotes, generating reports, and managing accounts payable.

      Navisphere Carrier

      We know you have a business to run. Find freight faster and easier through our web portal and mobile app. Connect and access your loads, driver assignments, documents, and more. Easy, accessible, and able to help you run your carrier business better.

      Navisphere Vision

      Navisphere Vision helps you see more, know more, and do more with your supply chain—in all geographies, across all modes. It provides real-time order and shipment information, proactive alerts about external factors that can disrupt your supply chain, and predictive and prescriptive analytics. Make smart decisions, quickly respond to the ever-changing global supply chain landscape, and manage potential disruptions, all from a single technology platform.

      Navisphere Insight

      With end-to-end supply chain visibility, opportunities naturally emerge. That’s why we built Navisphere Insight, our online business intelligence platform that provides a clear picture of your worldwide supply chain —at any given moment. With essential data at your fingertips, vital tools to monitor and improve your global logistics operations give you an information advantage.

      Our technology is built by and for supply chain experts

      Big help for small business

      FreightQuote by C.H. Robinson is technology built by supply chain experts to let new, small, and growing businesses instantly shop thousands of vetted, high quality carriers, easily track shipments, and pay with a credit card.

      See How Our App Works

      Whether you’re a budding business or an established organization, our free Navisphere Carrier mobile app helps you stay in control of current loads, driver assignments, document processing, and more.